12 Months of Growth Plant Series: ZZ Plant

12 Months of Growth Plant Series: ZZ Plant


12 Months of Growth is about helping you grow a plant collection, and learn how easy it can be to grow your plants. We want you to have a home full of thriving plants that you love. 

Each month we’ll be focusing on one plant species, and sharing care tips, giveaways and plant love throughout the month on our website and social media. Follow @elorastflowers so you don’t miss out on all the info!


ZZ Plant – AKA “the unkillable” –  is a must have for any plant collection or beginner plant enthusiast. 

What are they "unkillable"? Because ZZ plants thrive on neglect!  They are a very low maintenance plant, and a great plant to purify the air in any space in your home.

ZZ plants appear lush and modern because they're new to the world of house plants: they've only been harvested in the 90s and weren't around in the days you grandmother had a house full of greenery. 


Did you know...

  • The ZZ plant represents good luck, wealth, steadiness and growth with its slow and steady growth.
  • ZZ plants grow mostly vertically, so they can stay in their pot for awhile. They'll grow 3 - 5 feet in height, and a 10-12” base would be their max.


  • ZZs love bright indirect light.
  • They come from tropical climates, so they love warm moist air.  They can live in low or bright light areas of your home or office. 
  • Drought resistant, they only need water once per month.


Questions about caring for your ZZ plant?

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