12 Months of Growth: Fish Bone Cactus

12 Months of Growth: Fish Bone Cactus

12 Months of Growth is about helping you grow a plant collection, and learn how easy it can be to grow your plants. We want you to have a home full of thriving plants that you love. 

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 fishbone cactus at Elora St. Flowers

The Fish Bone Cactus originates in Mexico, where tropical rainforests make a moist and humid environment. It's also known are a Rick-Rack Cactus or Orchid Cactus.

It is a cousin of orchids, and rarely will have a soft pink bloom that only blooms at night and lasts for only one day.

If you're lucky enough to get it to bloom, it will be in late Autumn - early winter. 

The fish bone can grow leaves as long as 8’-12’. It is a fairly fast growing plant and an easy keeper.

flowering fishbone cactus


Watching your plants and learning their signs is one of the best parts about owning and being a plant parent! Keep these watering tips in mind.

  • Water approximately every two weeks. When the fishbone leaves are plump and full, you'll know you've watered correctly.
  • If your soil is dry, the fishbone leaves will be flat or wrinkling - it needs a drink!

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