12 Months of Growth Plant Series: Pilea Peperomioides (AKA Friendship Plant)

12 Months of Growth is about helping you grow a plant collection, and learn how easy it can be to grow your plants. We want you to have a home full of thriving plants that you love. 

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This popular house plant is easy to grow! It has beautiful round shaped leaves and loves to multiply, making it a perfect plant to share with friends.

When new babies form and are a healthy size, they can be easily propagated and shared with friends. 

Pilea grows naturally on the edged of South African forests along the ground cover. They like warm dry and bright spaces. 

Pliea are non-toxic to cats and humans. 



    • Pileas love bright indirect light, but can also survive in low light.
    • Water once every 2-3 weeks.
    • Yellow leaves is a sure sign of over watering. If you see this, put another week between watering schedule. 

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