12 Months of Growth Plant Series: Pothos

12 Months of Growth Plant Series: Pothos

12 Months of Growth is about helping you grow a plant collection, and learn how easy it can be to grow your plants. We want you to have a home full of thriving plants that you love. 

Each month we’ll be focusing on one plant species, and sharing care tips, giveaways and plant love throughout the month on our website and social media. Follow @elorastflowers so you don’t miss out on all the info!

 birds eye view of small pothos plant held in female hand

Pothos! A popular indoor plant because of its easy care and great decorative display of leafy greenery. Perfect for offices, stores, public locations and homes. You'll find this plant in many tropical countries because it grows so naturally. 

It is a vine or climbing plant, great for wall features or living indoor gardens. It will easily multiply to create your indoor jungle or gift to a friend. 

Pothos love bright indirect light and to be watered when soil dries. Usually every 2-3 weeks. More in bright sunny rooms. 

Pothos is also a great air filtration plant that collects pollutants and helps eliminate odours in the air. 

There are only 10 different species of pothos. 

If you pay close attention to their leaves they will tell you a lot about how your plant is feeling. Don't be discouraged if you see a yellow leaf. It's just giving you a sign of over or under watering. Too little or too much light.

If you listen to your plant they will tell you plenty.  You can make adjustments as you go. Pothos are very forgiving.

Did you know...

      • Did you know pothos is also called Devil's Ivy because it can stay green, even living in rooms with no windows. 
      • Pothos is a great air filtration plant. Collecting pollutants and helps eliminate odors. 
      • Pothos will cry, or weep if it is overwatered, releasing its excess water.


Pothos love bright indirect light, but can also survive in low light.

Drought resistant, they can go 2-3 weeks between watering.

Fertilize during the growing season – spring to fall (give them a break in the winter!)

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